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Heart and Sole Wellbeing

Ninebanks Youth Hostel is hosting a retreat run by Heart and Sole wellbeing.

Northumberland Wellbeing Retreat January 19th-21st. Reenergise, Refocus and Recreate your future. Women Only. Gorgeously wild and welcoming.
Superfood, juice and exercise to detox and energise, mindfulness to motivate and inspire!
- Gently detox and nourish the body to kick start a new healthy regime
- Improve your confidence and belief in yourself
- Be expertly guided in fitness and strength and yoga sessions
- Be part of an amazingly nurturing, female only community
- Relax in gorgeously wild and wonderful outdoors and snug, welcoming indoors
- Gain power over your thoughts and the future they are creating for you
- Make changes to your life to create a magical outcome for yourself and to smash through your limiting beliefs!

Click here to book a place (opens the HASWB website).

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