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Heart and Sole Wellbeing

Ninebanks Youth Hostel hosted a Heart and Sole wellbeing.retreat in January and we're now looking forward to spring
This is what Sandra says of the retreat
Spring Clean


To clean thoroughly. To put an end to disorder. Typically undertaken after the winter



A flourishing stage of development. A time for the buds of fresh growth.

Wellbeing Retreat


A time for extraordinary changes. For a metamorphosis of mind and body.

A time for witnessing awesome newness in everything around us.

Join me and a bunch of other liked minded women who want to get more out of life and out of themselves.

Reenergise. Refocus. Reinvent.

Work on Self Confidence, Self Acceptance and Self Love.

Exercise the body and the mind with Fitness and Mindfulness.

Enjoy Flowers. Fairy Lights. Open Fires.

Come and join us on a Springtime Wellbeing Retreat with Heart and Sole Wellbeing in Devon and Northumberland!


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