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Food & Drink

Ninebanks is a self catering hostel with probably the best self catering kitchen in a Youth Hostel. Equipment includes two domestic sized cookers, microwave, fridge freezer, all crockery, utensils and tea towels. All you need to bring is the food!

There is a small shop selling local ales from the Allendale brewery and a selection of good wines as well as basic food supplies. Our licence does not allow guests to bring their own drinks except where they have sole use.

For groups however we can often offer a catering service, we are happy to feed a school party, hungry cyclists, serve a party buffet or celebration or themed meals. We can provide just one meal, or all of your meals with menus and times to suit you. For Family groups with young children we can offer a half size portion or make a simpler dish for the children.

We enjoy cooking for our guests and cook fresh local ingredients. The only thing we can’t do is share the kitchen. So, if you think you would like us to cook for you please talk to us.

Sample Menus

All prices are indicative and apply until 28th February 2018

School group 2 course evening meals at £9.80
Evening 1
Shepherds’ pie served with peas & gravy
Pasta and tomato & red pepper sauce & garlic bread
Apple crumble & custard
Fruit salad

Evening 2
Pork Korma & rice
Vegetable lasagne
Chocolate surprise pudding
Fruit salad

Evening 3
lasagne with garlic bread & salad
Vegetable curry with rice
Fruit sponge and custard
Fruit salad

Evening 4
Chicken thighs with roast vegetables
Baked potatoes & vegetable chilli
Rice pudding with Jam
Jelly and ice cream

Adult groups - 2 courses £9.80 3 courses £13.50

Evening 1
Broccoli and stilton soup
Hunter chicken, a rich chicken tomato and olive casserole served with rice.
Vegetable cobbler served with green beans

Summer fruit Brulee
Fruit salad

Evening 2
Carrot and coriander soup
Fish pie topped with mashed potatoes and served with fresh green vegetables
Aubergine & chick pea stew served with rice salad

Apple crumble and custard
fruit salad

Curry night - a selection of curries at £9.80
A help yourself selection of three curries typically Pork Balti, vegetable dahl, and saag aloo all served with rice and naan breads

For special occasions. 3 courses at £25

Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon blinis
Brie and Cranberry Blinis

Quail Eggs with green onion and chive dipping salt

Beef en Croute or Mushroom en Croute

Served with new potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Summer fruit pavlova

A family gathering

Friday Price £9.80 per Adult £5 per Child
Chilli served with rice or baked potatoes

Chocolate sponge in a pool of chocolate sauce with ice cream

Saturday £20 per Adult £10 per Child
Pea, mint & avocado salad
Hummus and vegetable sticks
Pea and Garlic Soup

Salmon and Spinach en Croute
With new potatoes, broccoli and green beans

Fruit pavlova
Sunday £9.80 per Adult £5 per Child
Chicken thighs served with roasted vegetables
Vegetable lasagne

Bread and butter pudding with custard or ice cream
All meal prices valid 01.03.2017 - 28.02.2018 and may vary according to menus selected.

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Ninebanks Youth Hostel
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